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Camp Cot Sizes

Camp cots comes in a variety of widths, lengths, and weight capacities. The most suitable cot for a particular camper provides the best compromise between sleeping comfort and tent fit.

Campetent has broken down the variety of camping cots and grouped them into various sizes, in order to guide tent campers in selecting a cot.

Cot width chart

For leisure camping, camping cots are available in widths from 24" to 43", which can be grouped as in the chart below:

Width Description
24" to 26" Narrow
28" to 30" Regular
32" to 43" Large, wide, extra large, extra wide, oversize, jumbo

Narrow cots fit in the widest variety of tents, but may only be comfortable for small or trim campers.

A 36" cot will take up a lot of real-estate inside a tent. Campers should make sure to have enough tent for these cots.

Folding cot size chart

Camping cots are available in various lengths from 4'6" (52" or 1.3 m) to 7'6" (90" or 2.3 m).

Different lengths and widths define various cot sizes:

Cot Size Approx Measurement
Junior 52"L x 22"W
Regular 74"L x 26"W
Tall 78"L x 26"W
Large, X-large 78"L x 32"W
XX-Large, Super, King, Jumbo 84"L x 40"W

Campers might ask why 26" is considered 'Narrow' in the Width Chart above, but 'Regular' in this Size Chart. This is because many adult, male, leisure campers find Regular cots to be a bit narrow fit for sleeping and will prefer a larger cot.

Length is one of the most important factors for sizing a cot to a tent. Very few cots are too wide to fit in a specific tent, but several may be too long.

A cot does, however, tend to be longer than a bed. A bed has a thick mattress to elevate the occupant above the frame. A cot only has a sling hung directly on the frame, and, if the frame is not large enough, the rails can be a major nuisance.

Cot height chart

Camp cots are available in heights of 4" to 20"

Height Cot style
4" to 12" Compact (collapsible) style
16" to 22" Bi-fold, military, accordion styles

Although low-profile, collapsible cots are ground-level and do not offer the ease of getting in and out of a raised bed, they do provide a uniform sleeping surface on rough ground and are very suited to small, low profile, dome tents.

High-profile cots make it a breeze to get in and out of bed and usually offer storage space under the fabric sling between the legs.

The larger the tent and the more vertical the walls, the more cot-friendly the tent will be.

Cabin tents are much more suited to cots than dome tents. 

A dome tent will probably need to be at least a 6 man tent, in order to hold a standard cot. The sloped canopy of a dome tent will otherwise quickly come into contact with the cot frame, especially the ends.


These charts should give you a good idea which cot size is the best for your situation.

Campetent recommends that you read the page on camp-cot weight capacity, as that is also an important consideration in selecting a cot.