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Coleman Camping Tent Features

Coleman Camping Tents are very popular with family campers and are available in a variety of economical dome and cabin styles.

Large mesh ceilings better ventilate the tent body in warm weather.

Some Coleman models feature a low, hooded vent, which allows fresh air to be drawn into the lower tent body. The draft cools the tent on warm afternoons and evenings. Windows and doors can then be kept closed for privacy. 

Coleman is the only tent manufacturer to offer a "hinged door" on their large, family tent models. A fiberglass pole inserts into the outer perimeter of the tent door and flexes, allowing the door to keep its shape when zipped open. The door can then swing open and closed.

Velcro tabs hold the hinged door closed, making it very handy for children or for anyone who is in and out of the tent a lot.

An e-Port allows an electrical extension cord to pass through the lower tent wall to power electrical items inside the tent.

The company factory tapes the rainfly seams and seals the bathtub-floor corners of each tent, reducing the amount of seam sealing necessary to prepare the tent for camping.

Coleman tents are designed for light to moderate wind and rain, which fits many family-camping situations.

The company rates their family tent models as 2-season tents, which means that they ventilate well and should be more comfortable for camping in very warm and hot temperatures.

Coleman has chosen to focus on entry-level tents and offers strong brand recognition for family-tent shopping. These factors, more functional designs and better consistency in quality and workmanship mean that Coleman tents have now mostly replaced house brands in many department stores.

Coleman Tent Models

Coleman Family Cabin Tents

Coleman Montana Tent
The Coleman Montana Tent is a family dome tent in sizes that can comfortably sleep from 2 to 5 adults or larger families with young children. It features a center dome with extended tent ends on each side. A winged canopy shelters the entry door from wind and rain. The Montana Tent offers good ventilation and is a fairly large, family dome tent at an economical price.

Coleman WeatherMaster Tent
The Coleman WeatherMaster Tent is an economical cabin tent in sizes that can comfortably sleep from 2 to 6 adults. Most of the models have an attached screen room for enjoying the outdoors without leaving the tent. The WeatherMaster offers a lot of space and ceiling height at a reasonable price.

Coleman Instant Tent
The Coleman Instant Tent is a quick-pitch tent. The hinged poles unfold and telescope, and the attached tent body pops up with the tent frame. The Instant Tent is available in 3 sizes and can comfortably sleep from 1 to 2 adults and a few children.

Coleman Family Dome Tents

Coleman Sundome Tent
The Coleman Sundome Tent is Coleman's economy dome tent. It is available in sizes that can comfortably sleep from 1 to 4 adults. A low vent and mesh upper walls ventilate the tent body, making the tent very comfortable in warm weather.

Coleman Evanston Tent
The Coleman Evanston Tent is an economical, 3-pole dome tent. The third pole supports a winged-canopy over the door and better protects the doorway from rain. The extended rainfly allows some of the Evanston models to offer a screen porch.

Coleman Tent Specs, Tips and Performance

Coleman offers a collection of weather-resistant features referred to as the WeatherTec System:

The tents feature polyester tent-wall and rainfly fabric coated to 450 mm (18") HH, which is enough protection for the short, moderate rain showers typical of most family camping at local campgrounds.

Tent seams usually leak before the fabric leaks, so campers concerned with weather resistance should first focus on sealing seams.

Coleman factory tapes the rainfly seams. The tent owner will need to finish weatherproofing the tent, sealing any exposed tent-body seams not protected by the rainfly and then rain testing the tent before camping with it.

Coleman tents feature bathtub floors, made from heavy-duty, 1000-Denier polyethylene, which is the same fabric used to make inexpensive tarps. 

The bathtub corner seams are bonded together without stitching, in order to better resist leaking. Polyethylene floors are quite waterproof and provide good protection at an economical price against standing water.

Guy-out fabric triangles sewn into the tent wall spread out the tension from guy lines and make the tent fabric and seams more resistant to tearing in a stiff breeze.

At headquarters in Kansas, Coleman designs their tents and tests them at sustained wind speeds of up to 40 mph (65 kph).

The 40-mph wind speed most likely applies to the low-profile, backpacking tents with full rainflies, but Coleman family tents are designed to withstand the moderate winds of routine, family camping.

Coleman also uses a rain room to test their tents, simulating rain from a drizzle to a 5" per hour downpour. Campers should note that, although the rain room may simulate 5" per hour, an inexpensive tent most likely cannot withstand such intense rain.

Campers should expect Coleman tents to withstand light to moderate rain showers, depending on duration. If a heavy rains are expected, a tarp can be rigged or laid over the tent for more protection.

Tent campers who camp in situations where they may be exposed to long, heavy downpours or heavy, wind-driven rain may prefer a more expensive tent with more waterproof fabric and a stronger, aluminum pole structure.

The two-season tent rating also means that the large ceiling mesh panels may not close up enough to be comfortable on cool evenings.

Some older Coleman tent models feature a low "Cool Air" port, which has a zippered outer storm flap and a zippered inner screen. This allows small objects to be passed into and out of the rear of the tent. This "Cool Air" port is not hooded and the flap will need to be zipped shut against the rain.

These models may still be offered for sale in some stores.

Coleman offers a variety of models in several tent lines. Models and features change frequently. This is probably due to Coleman's retail presence on various department-store shelves.

Coleman provides a good balance of features and materials: tent fabric, tent floor, poles, vents, etc., for thrifty family camping.

Coleman camping tents offers economical designs with two important features for tent camping: good ventilation and reasonable weather resistance.

Many Americans started camping with a Coleman tent.