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Columbia Conrad Ridge Tent
Design and Features

The Columbia Conrad Ridge Tent utilizes is a double dome design. Two square dome tents overlap on one side to form a large rectangular tent.

A single tent body and rainfly extend across both sets of poles to form one large tent.

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Columbia evidently no longer manufactures the Conrad Ridge model. Campetent recommends visitors searching for a tent with similar features consider these tents:

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The Conrad Ridge floor dimensions are 15' wide by 10' deep by 80" high.

On one side is a 7' wide by 10' deep screen room, and on the other is an 8' wide by 10' deep bedroom.

A D-shape door on one end of the tent leads to the floored screen room. The door has a roll back storm flap, exposing a mesh door panel.

Mesh wall panels on each side of the screen room provide a panoramic view, keep out insects and allow for ventilation.

In the event of rain, roll back panels on the rainfly zip closed to cover each side wall of the screen room.

An integrated divider panel extends across the inside center of the tent body. The divider panel has a center zipper that opens a doorway to the back bedroom dome.

Mesh panels on the side walls of the back bedroom allow for ventilation. These mesh bedroom sidewall panels are completely covered by the rainfly.

A back window in the bedroom allows for a view behind the tent and more ventilation. A storm flap that can be zipped closed to seal the window against wind or rain.

A ridge pole in the rainfly forms a peak over the front screenroom door and back bedroom window. These 2 walls are not covered by the rainfly, but have solid fabric panels to seal them against rain.

The screen room is a combo room because it can be sealed against the weather and converted into a sleeping space at night.

The integrated screen room eliminates the need to bring along a separate screen canopy.

The screen room makes this tent suitable for families with children. The tent has only one exterior door, so it is easy to keep an eye on children coming and going.

With 80" of height in the front screen room, tall campers should feel comfortable in this tent.

A gear loft is available to hang across the ceiling space in the back bedroom to keep small camping items off of the floor.

Conrad Ridge Tent in Warm and Cool Weather

Inside the tent, mesh ceiling fabric extends between the peaks of the two domes to increase headroom and provide ventilation.

The mesh sidewall panels of the front screen room and back bedroom allow plenty of ventilation in warm weather.

The front door and back window also increase ventilation.

The sides of the rainfly roll back to the side to expose the mesh walls of the screen room. They zip shut to protect the screen room mesh side walls from rain.

Although the mesh sidewalls of the screen room and back bedroom are covered by the rainfly, they cannot be completely sealed against the outside air, because they do not have storm covers integrated into the tent body. Campers may need to take extra measures to remain warm on cool evenings in the Spring or Fall.

Conrad Ridge Tent in Wind and Rain

Guyout points on the tent fly should allow this tent to perform in forested campsites and light to moderate winds in exposed campsites.

The rainfly forms a peak over the front door, but there is enough slope to the front wall that the peak cannot cover the entire doorway. Tent campers may prefer to set up a canopy or tarp over the front entrance to make the tent more suitable to rain.

Be sure to close the rainfly panels on the side of the screen room if you are expecting rain -- especially if you plan to be away from the tent for awhile. If rain gets inside the floored screen room, it will be unable to soak into the ground and will pool on the floor.

Conrad Ridge Sleeping Capacity and Gear

The 150 square feet of floorspace is rated to sleep up to 8.

The Conrad Ridge should comfortably sleep 3 adults in the back bedroom and 2 adults in the front combo room.

This tent should sleep a large family with some young children.

The back bedroom should comfortably hold a queen air mattress or a couple of cots.

With only one tent exit door at the front of the screen room, it is a good idea to reduce the number of campers sleeping in the screen room, so people in the back bedroom can pass through the screen room to exit the tent without disturbing other sleeping campers.

The front screen room is also suitable for older kids to have their own sleeping space.

Conrad Ridge Tent Specs and Setup

The rainfly and solid tent fabric is polyester taffeta with 800mm polyurethane coating, which should be adequate for rain showers.

The bathtub floor is 1000mm to provide more protection against water seepage.

4 fiberglass poles support the tent body, and one fiberglass pole runs under the rainfly from front to back to form a peak over the door and back window.

The canopy attaches to the poles with clip and sleeves. The poles slide through sleeves at the ceiling of the tent body and the sides clip to the poles.

The Columbia Conrad Ridge Tent weighs 33 lb.


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This tent is not rated for wind. In moderate to strong winds, campers themselves will need to judge when the tent has reached its limit in resisting the forces of nature.

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