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Observations And Reviews

Columbia tents comprise about half a dozen tent models and are widely available online and at sporting goods stores.

These tents are a favorite with families looking for value as well as quality.

Columbia Family Camping Tent Models

Columbia Cougar Flats Tent 
The Cougar Flats is a large family cabin dome tent with an integrated screen room, sleeps six, and is also the most popular tent model for Columbia Sports. It is, in fact, one of the most popular family camping tents.

The Columbia Cougar Flats tent has a reputation for being a sturdy family tent and for resisting rain and wind. It should perform in moderate to strong weather.

Columbia Conrad Ridge Tent
The Conrad Ridge utilizes a large double-dome style, which allows it to shed wind more easily. The two domes overlap on one side, forming a front screen room and back bedroom. The tent canopy suspends across both dome frames, creating one large tent.

The Conrad Ridge is suited to families looking for a large tent with the simplicity of a dome design.

Columbia Bugaboo Tent
The Bugaboo tent is an economical, lightweight, modified-dome tent which sleeps four, pitches easily, and provides lots of ventilation for warm nights. The Bugaboo should perform in moderate weather and sheltered campsites.

The modified-dome design extends the headroom, and this tent is suited to couples or young families of four.

Columbia Tent Info

Columbia tents include features like factory taped seams, bathtub floors, lots of ventilation, and self-healing zippers.

They also feature a gear loft, which is often an extra accessory for other tent brands.

According to Columbia product literature, their tent designs are tested in rain to 28 inches per hour and wind to 36 mph. Family campers should choose to camp in much milder weather -- preferable in light wind and rain at most.

Columbia tents, like most family camping tents, are not warranted against wind and rain, but effort has been put into their design. If leisure campers protect the tents from excessive wind and rain, they should perform.

The tent seams are factory taped, which means a minimum of seam sealing (usually only a few spots) in order to prepare the tent for camping.

Columbia offers parts for their tents, so they can be repaired and kept in service.