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Eureka Camping Tents

Eureka is one of America's best known camping brands, offering a wide variety of family tents.

Eureka Camping Tents are comprised of about a dozen designs suitable for family camping, as well as others for backpacking.

Some of the designs are available in several sizes and offer a large selection to suit various family sizes and camping conditions.

They are one of the few U.S. tent manufacturers to offer deluxe cabin tents for campers looking for more features and comfort.

Eureka tents feature heavier fabric and more weather resistant coatings than bargain tents.

An ingenious new feature for some tent models are reflecting fabric ceiling panels that reflect the light of a hanging lantern down onto the tent floor to better illuminate the tent body. These triangular "E!luminate" panels attach to the ceiling of the tent via loops and toggles.

Unless noted otherwise, Eureka tents feature:

  • 75 denier polyester rainfly, tent wall and floor fabric. (No polyethylene tarp floors)
  • 800mm HH rated coating on the rainfly and exposed tent wall fabric to resist rain
  • 1200mm HH rated coating on tent floor fabric to resist standing water
  • hanging gear loft to organize small items and keep them from being lost among sleeping gear

Eureka Dome Tents

Eureka dome tents are well known and popular among family campers.

The designs vary from more weather resistant with a full rainfly to more accessible and better visibility with a 3/4 rainfly supported by ridge poles. These designs are well thought out and tested and offer good ventilation.

Eureka dome tents for family camping feature better quality fiberglass poles, unlike some bargain tents. A service department is available to replace any poles under warranty.

Generous center heights suit these dome tents to family camping.

Eureka Tetragon Tent 

The Tetragon line is available in 6 sizes and can comfortably sleep from 1 to 5 adults or larger families with small children. Ridge poles support the rainfly over the front door and rear window, so that they can be left open in rain.

The larger sizes feature a distinctive winged canopy over the front entrance to protect against wind and rain and for storage. The Tetragon is suited to families looking for a quality dome tent at a moderate price.

Eureka Sunrise Tent 

The Sunrise is available in 3 sizes, which can comfortably sleep from 1 to 4 adults or larger families with small children. Windows with 40 denier screening on all walls offer an excellent view of the surrounding campsite. The double-ridgepole rainfly forms large peaks over all 4 sides of the tent canopy, allowing the windows to be left open in the rain.

Deluxe features, such as a 210 denier Oxford nylon for heavy foot traffic and a ground vent for superior ventilation offers campers more comfort and durability than a bargain dome tent.

Eureka Grand Manan Tent 

The Grand Manan line is available in 3 sizes, which can comfortably sleep from 1 to 4 adults. The Grand Manan features a full rainfly, which offers extra protection from wind and rain and can be partially rolled up from the ground to allow air to circulate through the tent for superior ventilation.

The larger 2 sizes offer standing height. Due to the more aerodynamic design and full rainfly, this tent should perform better in up to strong winds.

Eureka Suite V4-V6 Tent 

The Suite V4 and Suite V6 can comfortably sleep from 2 to 4 adults. The door of this modified dome tent is recessed into the tent close to the peak, allowing tall campers to easily enter the tent with little to no ducking.

The tent features 2 rooms, a 'V' (crescent) shape, and a large vestibule in front with a tip up panel to form an awning over the entryway.

Eureka Family Cabin Tents

Eureka cabin tents offer quality designs and a lot of internal tent-body space at a reasonable price.

Large windows on all walls offer a view and good ventilation.

Eureka Copper Canyon Tent 

The Copper Canyon line is the Eureka's most popular cabin tent, due to its size and moderate pricing. It features a cabin dome style with vertical walls and a dome ceiling.

The 5 Copper Canyon sizes offer 7' of ceiling height at the center and can comfortably sleep from 2 to 8 adults.

Eureka Pine Lodge Tent 

The Pine Lodge is a family wall tent that can comfortably sleep 4 to 5 adults. It features a unique fan door that opens and closes without zippers.

It also features an oversize rainfly that extends about 6' from the front of the tent to offer a sitting space sheltered from rain and sun.

Eureka Deluxe Cabin Tents

Eureka deluxe cabin tents offer

  • 1200 mm HH rated coating on the rainfly, tent wall and floor fabric for better resistance to rain and standing water
  • quality rigid aluminum pole and hub design to better support the tent body
  • heavy-duty, 210 denier, Oxford nylon, bathtub floors to resist standing water and the wear from foot traffic
  • large windows for ventilation and visibility
  • 40 denier screening for maximum light and visibility from inside the tent

Although these are moderately expensive tents for their size, they are a nice investment for families looking for a large, quality cabin tent, in order to enjoy a superior experience at a campsite.

Eureka Titan Tent

The Titan is designed for family campers who want more features and comfort at the campsite. A divider separates the tent body into 2 rooms. Large windows on all walls offer the view of a screen room from inside the tent body. Ground vents on each end of the tent offer superior ventilation.

The 10' x 14' footprint fits on the 15' x-large tent pads available at many campsites. It comfortable sleeps 6 adults.

Eureka Equinox 6 Tent

The Equinox is a hexagonal cabin tent and comfortably sleeps 2-3 adults. It offers a unique shape and is a fun tent for a camping couple.

Instead of mesh screening, the Equinox features large, breathable nylon panels, which allow humidity to escape without losing a lot of heat or creating a draft in cool temperatures. Large windows on 3 of the 6 tent walls offer superior cross ventilation.

Eureka Condo Tent 

The Condo is designed for families who want a huge (xx-large), rectangular tent with more comfort and features. The tent is 20' long.

It has 3 rooms: a back bedroom, small middle room for dressing, storage or sleeping and a front combo room, which is an integrated screen room with floor that can be fully closed up and converted into sleeping space. It can comfortably sleep 4 to 8 adults.

Eureka Tent Tips

Weather resistant coatings on Eureka tents range from 800 to 1200mm HH. This is substantially more than the 450 to 600mm HH coatings on bargain tents. Campers can expect Eureka tent walls to remain drier in most rains than with economy tents.

Eureka has factory sealed the floor and rainfly seams, which will reduce the amount of work necessary to prepare the tent for camping.

However, Eureka advises that campers seal all seams. Campers should be prepared to seal the perimeter seam, where the bathtub floor meets the tent walls, to test the tent in the rain and to spot seal any other seams where rainwater penetrates.

The stakes included with the tent are designed to secure the tent on soft ground in calm to light winds only. Campers who need to secure the tent on hard ground or who camp in moderate to strong winds will need to purchase more sturdy stakes.