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Eureka Condo Tent
Observations and Review

Design and Features

The Eureka Condo Tent is an oversize xx-large deluxe family tent. The floor dimensions are 10'6" wide x 20' deep by 8'6" high.

The walls and doors of this tent are almost entirely mesh, so there is a great view and lots of ventilation in warm weather. All of the mesh panels have solid fabric roll-down storm covers, which zip over the mesh for protection from wind and rain.

The Screenroom

A sewn-in divider wall creates two rooms. The front room is a screen room with floor. The floor dimensions are 10'6" wide by 7'4" deep.

2 side-by-side inverted 'T' doors at the very front of the Eureka Condo Tent allow easy entry into the screen room, even when carrying large camping equipment items. Large #10 zippers on the doors offer easy operation.

3 large non-closable mesh panels in the ceiling of the screenroom allow air to exhaust from the tent.

By closing off the mesh walls and doors, the screen room becomes a combo room which can also be used for sleeping.

The Bedroom

The back room of the tent is the bedroom with floor dimensions of 10'6" wide by 12' deep.

The bedroom also features large screen wall panels with storm covers.

On the ceiling is one mesh vent panel that can be closed off by a zippered flap to manage air flow. The vent can be opened to reduce condensation or closed to retain heat on cool evenings.

Above this zippered mesh panel is a clear window panel in the rain fly to provide a bit of light and to allow campers to assess the weather without leaving the bedroom.

A separate door in the back wall of the bedroom allows access to the bedroom from outside the tent.

A second divider curtain can be hung in the bedroom that runs parallel to the divider wall. The 2 dividers form a narrow 10'6" wide by 2' deep room along the center of the tent. This room can be used for storage, dressing, or toilet. On each side of this narrow room is a small closable screen window on the upper wall to allow ventilation and a limited view.

The Eureka Condo is unique among large cabin tents in that the half rainfly over the tent body has solid fabric zip-in panels to create a full rainfly. The panels have clear plastic windows to allow a view from the tent in rainy weather.

Eureka Condo Tent In Warm And Cool Weather

With all screen walls and a fair amount of ceiling mesh, this tent is very well suited to warm weather. The panels can be configured in various ways to allow for privacy and ventilation.

The tent wall mesh can be closed off with solid fabric storm flaps on cool nights to reduce cool drafts over sleeping campers in the screen room. Zip in rainfly panels can further reduce drafts in the screenroom on cool evenings.

The back bedroom walls and ceiling mesh can be entirely sealed up to allow no draft at all on cool evenings.

Eureka Condo Tent In Rain And Wind

With zip in panels to create a full fly and storm covers over all wall mesh panels, this tent will close up well against wind and rain.

If strong winds are expected on an exposed campsite, the tent should be pitched end into the wind to reduce its wind profile.

The front door has a bit of slope and is not covered by any type of awning or canopy. When entering the tent in the rain, some water may run into the entryway. Orienting the doorway away from the wind, will improve this.

Campetent also recommends either setting up a tarp or other canopy over the doorway or instead clipping a sheet of plastic (to the rainfly and tent poles) around the front entryway and letting the plastic hang down. Campers can then open and close the front door from behind the plastic sheet and keep rain out of the screen room.

On rainy days, campers may prefer to leave the mesh open and zip in the rainfly curtains to create a full rainfly. These fly curtains have plastic windows in them, so the tent will stay lit and campers can see out.

On rainy nights, campers can either zip the rain curtains into the rainfly or instead just zip closed the storm covers over the mesh panels. The storm flaps may already have been closed for privacy.

Eureka Condo Tent Sleeping Capacity And Equipment

The 211 square feet of floor space is rated to sleep up to 8 to 12 persons.

The back bedroom should comfortably sleep 4-5 adults. The front screen room should comfortably sleep 2-3 adults. The tent can sleep a larger family with small children.

There is a door in the back wall of the bedroom, so campers sleeping there do not have to worry about walking through the front screen room and dodging sleeping campers in order to exit the tent.

Self-inflating pads will allow the greatest number of campers to occupy this tent.

Air Mattresses

This is a cabin tent with fairly vertical side walls and is suited to air mattresses or cots.

The back bedroom will hold two queen mattresses. The front screen room should hold two twin air mattresses with a pathway in the middle.


The back bedroom will comfortably hold 2-3 cots.

In the front screen room, a regular cot should fit along each side wall, but the cot may be touching the walls at the head or foot.

Eureka Condo Tent Specs And Setup

75 Denier 1200mm-coated polyester taffeta rainfly and walls.

Heavy duty 210 Denier 1500mm-coated Oxford nylon floor.

40 Denier no-see-um mesh for excellent visibility from the tent and good protection from flying insects.

The tent floor dimensions are 10'6" wide by 20' deep. This tent will most likely be pitched on open ground as it is too large for almost all tentpads.

Due to the size of the floor, campers may need to use two medium-size ground cloths, one underneath each side of this tent, to protect the floor.

The height at the center is 8'6". The height at the doors (eaves) is closer to 6'.

The weight is 65lb.

This tent is a 6 pole rectangular cabin tent with an umbrella hub.

Poles are 7/8" and 1" aluminum.

The six poles have an elbow connector where the tent wall meets the ceiling (the eave). All sections and the elbow connector are held together by shock cord to simplify setting up the tent.

The tent body clips to the poles, meaning no sleeves to thread poles through.

The poles attach to the tent base via ring and pin connectors.

Tent campers pitch this tent by laying out the tent body on the ground. Then attach all the poles and form the frame. Then remove the lowest pole section from all six poles and set the tent frame in place on the tent body. With the tent frame in a lower (kneeling) position, the upper tent body is clipped to the poles and the rainfly is draped over the frame. Then the frame is raised and the lower leg sections are re-inserted. (The tent is now in a standing position). Then the tent poles are attached to the tent base, the rainfly is attached to the tent base, and any remaining wall clips are attached.

 The Eureka Condo Tent is a deluxe tent and offers more features and comfort than most large cabin tents. The tent functions anywhere from a screen room to a double wall tent. Tent campers can have as much or as little ventilation as desired. Depending on the weather, the fly can be set up either as a half or a full fly.


Please note that Campetent does not own this tent model. Campetent strives to research and to provide accurate information for site visitors, but cannot guarantee every detail.

Tent models are subject to feature changes over time. Tent campers should always perform due diligence to verify any important features before purchasing a tent.

The author hopes that the information provided in this article will go a long way towards that goal.

This tent is not rated for wind. In moderate to strong winds, campers themselves will need to judge when the tent has reached its limit in resisting the forces of nature.

The tent has a limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. As with all tents, campers should carefully examine the materials and workmanship and make sure that they are satisfied before using the tent.