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Eureka Suite V4 & V6 Tents

Design and Feature Walkthrough

Please note

Eureka evidently no longer manufactures the Suite V4 & V6 tent models.

Campers interested in a similar tent can consider:

The Eureka Suite V4-V6 tent offers tall doors and a tall vestibule with a tip up panel to form an awning over the entryway.

The tent features a V-shape design with a room on each wing. The center of the 'V' along with the extended rainfly forms a large vestibule space between the two wings.

Side by side D-shape doors allow entry into each room of the tent.

The V-shape of the tent body allows the entry doors to be fairly vertical, and the maximum ceiling height extends to the top of the doors. This makes entering and exiting very easy for tall campers.

This tent has a unique vestibule space which is suited to sitting in front. There are mesh pockets under the vestibule on each side of the outer tent body to store small items while you are relaxing.

A divider in the center of the tent body forms 2 rooms. It can be removed to form one large space.

A screen window on the upper back wall of each chamber has a roll up storm flap.

A pair of ridge poles extend the rainfly over the front and back of the tent. This provides headroom in the vestibule and a hood over the windows in the back wall of the tent.

Suite V4 & V6 Sizes

Eureka Suite V4 Tent

The Suite V4 is 7'3" deep by 9'6" wide by 6'2" high.

The tent has 5 sides however, so it is difficult to determine the exact dimensions of the floor in each room.

The 67 square feet of floor space is rated to sleep 4.

This tent should comfortably sleep 2 adults and is suitable for 2 adults who would like separate sleeping spaces.

Eureka Suite V6 Tent

The Suite V6 is 9' deep by 14'3" wide by 6'9" high.

The 81 square feet of floor space is rated to sleep 6.

This tent should comfortably sleep 3-4 adults.

Self inflating pads will offer the most occupancy for the Suite V Series tents.

Suite V4-V6 Tent in Warm and Cool Temperatures

Low vents on the doors allow cool air into the tent and warm air to exhaust through the ceiling mesh.

The rainfly is scalloped on the sides to allow more air to ventilate the tent body in warm weather. The ceiling is mesh and there are vents in the sidewalls. This tent is designed mainly to be comfortably in warm weather.

Windows on the back wall can be left open to increase ventilation on warm days.

Non closable ceiling mesh may allow heat to escape from the tent on cool evenings. Campers may need to take extra measures to stay warm.

Suite V4-V6 Tent in Wind and Rain

An elevated bathtub floor helps keep any standing water out of the tent and keep splashing from saturating the lower tent wall.

The tent features a rainfly that extends to the ground in front to form a vestibule and sitting room that can be occupied in light rain.

The full rainfly over the vestibule (when closed) will keep rain off of the tent fabric on the front side of the tent.

The tent is tall, but is designed to shed some wind. It should perform in moderate wind and passing moderate storms.

Suite V4-V6 Tent Specs and Setup

The tent design is a 3 pole modified dome.

The poles are 12.7mm (1/2") fiberglass.

The rainfly, tent body, and floor are 75 Denier, 1000mm-coated polyester.

All screens are 50 Denier no-see-um.

The tent body attaches to the poles with sleeves and clips.

Poles attach to the tent base with post and grommets.

Separate (optional) adjustable (HA) poles are necessary to support the front awning panel.

The V4 weighs 20 lb., the V6 weighs 26 lb.

The setup is similar to a dome tent.


The Eureka Suite V4-V6 Tent is designed to offer the most height for the amount of floorspace. It offers 2 rooms, a walk in vestibule and space for two to four adults.

The unique floorplan and full fly offer a large vestibule that can be used as a sheltered sitting space.


Please note that Campetent does not own this tent model. Campetent strives to research and to provide accurate information for site visitors, but cannot guarantee every detail.

Tent models are subject to feature changes over time. Tent campers should always perform due diligence to verify any important features before purchasing a tent.

The author hopes that the information provided in this article will go a long way towards that goal.

This tent is not rated for wind. In moderate to strong winds, campers themselves will need to judge when the tent has reached its limit in resisting the forces of nature.

The tent has a limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. As with all tents, campers should carefully examine the materials and workmanship and make sure that they are satisfied before using the tent.