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Eureka Titan Tent
Observations and Review

Design and Features

With floor dimensions of 9'6" by 13'6", the Eureka Titan Tent is one of the premier large family cabin tents.

The half rainfly forms a brim over each door and a peak over the side windows.

Rolling down the storm flaps and tucking them into pockets below the 6 large windows opens up the tent, giving it the ventilation and view of a screenroom.

A removable divider separates the tent into two chambers, each with separate windows and a door.

With almost vertical walls, a center height of 7', and a fair amount of walking room due to the large floorplan, tall campers will feel comfortable inside the Eureka Titan Tent.

Sewn into the seam outside the tent in the lower wall on each side are 2 pull outs, which use a short guyline to draw out the tent wall, increasing the sleeping space inside

Instead of mesh ceiling panels, the Eureka Titan Tent features 70 Denier uncoated breathable nylon fabric. This fabric allows moisture to escape the tent, but prevents drafts and rapid heat loss in cool weather.

The tent fabric is reinforced with gussets at the corners to increase durability.

Corner organizer pockets hold small items and keep them from getting lost among sleeping equipment and other gear.

Hanging rings in the ceiling at the corners allow wardrobe items to be hung and easily selected for the day.

A hanging ring in the center of the ceiling is ready to hold an electric camping lantern.

The front and back arch doors open to the side. There is a zipper along the bottom of the door and a second zipper along one side and over the top arch.

The doors have twin track zippers. A second zipper just inside the first allows the storm panel to roll down and expose a mesh panel for ventilation.

The front of the tent is identical to the back, and one side to the other.

Eureka Eureka Titan Tent And Warm And Cool Weather

The Titan has 2 large windows in each side wall and one large window in each door. A total of 6 large windows ventilate the tent on warm days and nights.

A low crescent-shaped vent at the bottom of each door allows air to enter the tent when the door and window flaps are mostly closed for privacy.

On cool evenings storm panels can be zipped up, completely covering any mesh and preventing any cool drafts.

All upper ventilation is through the windows or doors. There is no ceiling vent, however the upper windows are high on the tent wall, and it is easy to open the window flap a bit to allow air to escape from the tent.

Although the Titan is a bit large to allow a lot of heat to build up inside on a cool evening, the solid ceiling fabric and closable windows should make the tent quite comfortable for its size.

Eureka Titan Tent And Rain And Wind

The Titan has a half rainfly, but it forms a hood over the doors and windows, and thus offers more protection from rain.

The windows can be left completely open in vertical rain and open on one side during wind-driven rain to allow ventilation and a view around the campground. This makes the tent more comfortable in wet weather.

A 210 Denier (4 oz) Oxford Nylon bathtub floor keeps any standing water out of the tent.

The heavy-duty floor stands up to more wear and use and the elevated tub floor prevents splashing from soaking the tent walls.

The ceiling of the Eureka Titan Tent is solid breathable fabric. If the wind blows any rain under the hooded fly, since there is no mesh, the sidespray cannot enter the tent.

75 Denier, 1200mm-coated rainfly and wall fabric keep heavy rain out of the tent.

The tent wall on the front and back of the tent extends part way up the ceiling under the hooded fly to resist any rain spray that gets under the fly.

The main fly and floor seams are factory taped, leaving only spot sealing necessary to finish them. Seams on the tent body that are exposed to rain will need to be fully sealed.

The rainfly has storm rings (guyout points) at the eave corners (where the wall meets the ceiling) to secure the tent in the wind.

The low vents in the door are not hooded and cannot be left open in the rain, but the upper windows can.

The brims over the doors should keep vertical rain out of the entryway. Campers looking to further protect the doorways can clip a plastic sheet to the fly around the doorway or rig a tarp over one end of the tent.

Eureka Titan Tent Sleeping Capacity And Equipment

The 9'6" by 13'6" floor area divides into two rooms that can each comfortably hold 2-3 adults, so the tent can comfortably hold 4-6 adults.

The 13'6" wall is long enough for 2 adults to sleep along.

This tent has one of the best floorplans for its size, which maximizes sleeping space.

The side wall pullouts allow maximum sleeping space at the walls of the tent.

Each room should comfortably hold a queen mattress or 2 regular size cots.

The Titan is an x-large tent and fits on a 15' by 15' tentpad.

Eureka Titan Tent Specs And Setup

4 pole rectangular cabin style with umbrella hub.

9'6" by 13'6" floor area.

128 square feet of floor space.

Rainfly is 75 Denier Polyester coated to 1200mm.

Tent walls are 70 Denier (2.0 oz) nylon coated to 1200mm.

The ceiling is 70 Denier (1.9 oz) nylon, uncoated for breathability.

Screens are 40 Denier no-see-um

The weight is 32 lb.

Optional (accessory) gear loft

4 - 3/4" to 1" 6061 aluminum poles support the tent in moderate to strong wind.

2 - 9.5mm (3/8") fiberglass fly poles form a brow over each door.

1 - 12.7mm (1/2") fiberglass fly pole forms a ridge across the middle of the tent.

The hub is attached by a cord to the ceiling peak fabric.

Since the Titan is a 4 pole tent and not oversize (xx-large), the pole sections can be fully assembled, the top end of the pole connected to the spider hub and the bottom end connected to the tent base without kneeling the tent.

A pole is attached in one corner, then the opposite corner, then the third and fourth. The tent is now self standing, with just the tent body hanging from just the peak loop.

The rest of the ceiling and walls are clipped to the poles. Brow poles are threaded through sleeves in the fly and insert into webbing pockets at the seams in the wall near the ceiling.

A long fly pole inserts into pockets at the sides of the rainfly and forms peaks over the side windows when the fly is placed on the tent and connected to the tent base.

Conclusion: The Eureka Titan Tent is one of the finest large cabin tents available for family camping.

It is designed to ventilate well in warm weather and close up for cool weather.

If cared for, this tent will offer years of enjoyable camping trips.

More usable floorspace than many trailers, opens into a screen room, closes up tight against wind and rain, comfortably sleeps 4-6, doesn't need to be towed or backed up, doesn't have an axle or hitch, doesn't need a garage stall.

What are you waiting for...? 


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This tent is not rated for wind. In moderate to strong winds, campers themselves will need to judge when the tent has reached its limit in resisting the forces of nature.

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