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King Cot

A king cot is a heavy-duty, xx-large cot. It will most likely be used in a very large, family tent or an outfitter tent. These cots are popular with sportsmen for their size and added features.

These are almost always military-style cots.

The width of a king-size cot varies from approximately 36" to 43" wide.

The length varies from approximately 82" to 90".

These cots stand 18" to 25" off of the ground for tall campers or sportsmen.

King-size cots have the highest weight ratings and may be rated at 400+ lbs. To maintain a margin of safety against cot failure, the cot should be rated 50% higher than the weight of the camper.

This cot style is popular with 300 lb campers.

These cots are also known as xx-large cots, jumbo cots, oversize cots, super cots, etc.

For general information about cots, have a look at the camping cot page.

An oversize cot often includes a fabric organizer apron that hangs down from the side to hold camping items and toiletries

These cots are very large and campers should be certain that their tent is large enough for the cot.

Some of these cots sit 20" or more off of the ground. Unless you're over 6' tall, the height of these cots may make it difficult to sit on the fabric and still keep your feet on the tent floor.

Cot strength
A king-size cot is, by necessity, a heavy-duty cot. It's wise, however, to check the product literature for the features below that indicate a heavy-duty frame and legs:

  • steel
  • heavy-gauge aluminum
  • tempered aluminum
  • aircraft aluminum
  • steel-reinforced aluminum

In conclusion
King-size cots provide a large sleeping space for large and tall campers and anybody that would like the extra space.

King-cot brands include Alps Mountaineering, Browning, Chinook, Columbus, Gander Mountain, Ledmark, Nebo, Rio, Slumberjack, Teton Sports, Texsport.