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Wenzel Big Bend Tent

Design and Features

The Wenzel Big Bend Tent is a 5-sided, penta-dome with 2 doors and a divider.

The irregular-shaped floorplan measures 12' wide by 10' deep by 68" high.

A removable, hanging divider partitions the tent into 2 irregular-shaped rooms.

Side-by-side front Dutch D doors each access a separate chamber. The doors roll back to the center and tie off to secure open.

Double-pull zippers offer easy opening of the doors.

Two windows, one on each wall adjacent to the front wall feature roll-down storm flaps and pockets to ventilate the tent. Two hanging pockets, one on each side, offer storage for small items.

The Wenzel Big Bend Tent weighs 14 lb.

In Wind And Rain

5 fiberglass poles connected to a central hub at the peak support the tent body.

A brow pole extends the rainfly over the front doorway to shelter the upper windows from vertical rain.

A flat polyethylene floor protects the inner tent body from ground moisture.

There appear to be no zipper flaps to protect the zipper tracks from rain leaking through. Campers will probably want to position the tent back into the wind to reduce the amount of rain striking the front of the tent.

Campetent rates the Wenzel Big Bend Tent for moderate wind and rain.

In Warm And Cold Temperatures

Warm Temps 
The Big Bend has large windows in the doors for more ventilation.

2 more windows on the sidewalls allow a breeze to pass through the tent.

Cool Temps 
The Big Bend has small, non-closable ceiling mesh panels. The doors and windows can be sealed with storm flaps against wind and rain. The Big Bend should be manageable on moderately cool evenings.

Campetent rates the Wenzel Big Bend Tent for warm and moderately cold temperatures.

With Sleeping Equipment

At 5'8" high at the center peak, tall campers will be stooping in the Big Bend.

There will be room for dressing on your feet, but long periods of standing in the tent will be uncomfortable.

The 94 square feet is rated to sleep up to 5.

Due to the irregular shape, Campetent rates the Big Bend to sleep 2 adults, one in each room.

Campers should note that since the tent is a pentagon, the front of the tent is a wall with the doors, but the back will be a point. The divider will run from between the front doors to the point in the back of the tent.

A twin air mattress may just fit in each room, but the irregular shaped walls will push the air mattress towards the center divider and towards the front door.

The air mattress may partially impede entry into the tent and may occupy prime headroom space in the center of the tent. There will remain some triangular-shaped areas at the head and on one side of the bed for storage.

A queen air mattress should fit if the divider is rolled up. It will also take up prime headspace area in the center of the tent.

The Big Bend is more suited to self-inflating sleeping pads than bulky air mattresses.

Wenzel Big Bend Tips

The Big Bend measures 12' wide from side corner to opposite side corner. It measures 10' deep from front wall to back corner.

The tent will fit on a 12' by 12' tent pad.

The Big Bend does not appear to have any zipper flaps to keep rain off of the zipper tracks.

The irregular-shaped walls will truncate a good deal of the sleeping space. The walls will also not allow sleeping equipment to be located along a wall away from the center of the tent.

A pair of campers may prefer to roll up the center divider, which should allow at least one mattress to be placed along a back wall. The other may then fit along a side wall and 1 of the 2 front doors. The campers could then use one door and ignore the other.

With windowless, solid-fabric back walls, the Big Bend should be positioned to face the wind on very warm days with light wind. It can be positioned back into the wind on windy days.

The Big Bend is often confused with Wenzel Wolf Creek Tent, which is a 5-sided dome with attached screen room. It is also confused with the Wenzel Pine Ridge, which is a 2-room rectangular dome tent with similar colors.

Conclusion: The Wenzel Big Bend Tent 5-sided, irregular floorplan is too small to be practical for a 5-pole, 2-room design. It will be more functional as a single-room tent.

Five sided tents are very unusual. A six sided tent is more functional.

Most campers will be happier with a rectangular-shaped tent of similar dimensions.

Disclaimer: Please note that Campetent does not own this product. Campetent has striven to provide accurate information for readers, but cannot guarantee that every detail is accurate. Tent campers should double check the info above against product literature.

This tent is not rated for wind. It has a limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. As with all tents, campers should carefully examine the features, materials and workmanship and make sure they are satisfied before purchasing or using the tent.