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Wenzel Kodiak Tent

Design And Features 

The Wenzel Kodiak Tent is a 2-room family frame cabin tent which offers abundant floor space and headroom and is designed for fair to mild weather.

The floorplan is 14' wide x 12' deep x 86" high.

The 162 square feet of floorspace is rated to sleep up to 9 and should comfortably sleep 6 adults.

A sewn-in divider partitions the tent from front to back into two 7' wide x 12' deep chambers. A zipper in the middle of the divider allows access between the chambers.

2 bay windows, one on each side wall, have hoods and can be left open in the rain. The bay windows protrude from the walls and are secured with guylines.

2 windows on the front wall, 1 a picture window with a grill, the 2nd is the top screen panel in the 2-panel Dutch 'D' door.

A 2-pull zipper eases opening and closing the outer door.

Roll-down storm panels tuck into pockets at the bottom of all 4 windows.

2 foot lockers protrude 2 feet from the back wall. The footlockers are good for holding footwear or a small pack. Screens in the footlockers create low vents to draw in cool air or a breeze.

2 gear lofts, 1 for each chamber, keep small items out of the way and easy to locate.

2 hanging pockets offer quick retrieval of small items.

A welded polyethylene tarp floor protects from ground moisture.

The center ridge of the tent provides more headroom throughout the tent than a standard cabin tent with a peak only at the center of the tent.

The ceiling of the tent is screen panels.

A half rainfly covers the ceiling netting and runs down the upper walls a few inches to direct running rain beyond the mesh.

In Wind And Rain

The Kodiak tent is a large, tall tent with a lot of headroom. The pole structure and guylines are adequate for fair weather to light wind.

A single guy-out point at each corner of this large tent also indicates that it was not designed for a lot of wind.

The tent must be guyed out at all times to support it.

Campetent rates the Wenzel Kodiak Tent for moderate wind.

The Kodiak may not have a bathtub floor, which is a good reason to use it in light rain only. Standing water may come in contact with a ground level seam.

All Kodiak tent-body and rainfly seams should be carefully sealed and the tent should be tested in the rain before camping. Reseal any leaking seams, if necessary.

There is no zipper flap over the door zipper, so keep items away from the door, when using the tent in a light rain.

Be sure to pitch the tent so that the roof is taut. Otherwise the large roof may sag allowing rain to pool.

Campetent rates the Wenzel Kodiak Tent for moderate rain.

In Warm And Cool Weather

Warm temps 
The all-mesh roof and foot-locker vents will ventilate the tent in very warm temperatures.

The bay windows can also be left partially open to increase ventilation in fair weather and in vertical rain.

Cold temps 
The screen roof of the tent will not hold heat on cool nights. Campers using the tent in cool weather will need to take extra measures to stay warm.

The front window has square corners, so the storm flap likely zips on the sides and fastens along the top. This may allow a bit of cool air to pass over the top of the storm flap.

Campetent rates the Wenzel Kodiak Tent for warm to hot temperatures.

With Sleeping Equipment

The Kodiak is a large tent, which can hold large sleeping gear items. Each chamber should comfortably hold a queen air mattress. 2 camping chairs can fit along the opposite wall as well.

With a king air mattress, campers may prefer to designate the chamber without an outside door as the sleeping chamber and tuck the king mattress in a corner. With the divider down, there will be access only to the foot of the mattress.

Each chamber can also comfortably hold 2 king-size cots, though the cots may be touching the walls.

Regular cots should easily fit in the chambers.

Wenzel Kodiak Tent Tips

The Kodiak is a family frame tent. The tent is designed to offer floor size and headroom and is not designed for more than a little wind or rain.

Campers will need to take care to keep the tent out of moderate to strong winds.

This large tent does have only a single outside door, so it is probably most suited to families as opposed to groups of adults.

The tent is 65" (5'5") high at the eaves, where the walls connect to the ceiling. Tall campers will find a lot of headroom all along the center of the tent, but will need to duck a bit at the walls.

If more than 3 adults intend to occupy a tent chamber, campers may prefer to sleep lengthwise from the side wall to the center divider of the tent to take advantage of the 7' wall.

The Kodiak is technically a foot too large for a 15' x 15' tentpad, but only the end of the footlockers might extend a bit beyond the pad, so it shouldn't take much ingenuity to pitch it on these tentpads.

There are no windows on the back wall of the Kodiak, so campers can position the tent accordingly.

There are no ties on the side wall to hold back the divider, so campers will need to bring clips to roll and secure the divider to open up the tent into one room. The divider is sewn in and cannot be detached.

Due to the size of the tent and the construction, campers will need to take care when pitching the tent and when using the door zipper in order to get the most out of their investment. Campers should avoid stressing any connecting joints when setting up the tent.

The footlockers are suitable for storing footwear and small packs.

Campers will need to choose between using the footlockers for storage or for ventilation.

Campers should probably avoid using the footlockers for storage in the rain.

Wenzel Kodiak Tent Specs

The Kodiak is a family frame tent. It does not have the strength of a standard outfitter frame tent with heavy-gauge, steel pole sections and steel hubs. It also does not have the cost of an outfitter frame tent.

6 upright steel poles connect via elbow connectors to 6 fiberglass ceiling poles, which connect via hubs to a single ridge pole at the peak of the ceiling.

The Kodiak packs down to 1' x 1' x 28" to fit into its carry bag for transport.

The Kodiak weighs 35 lb.

Conclusion: Fair-weather, family campers preferring to camp in mild weather and looking for an expansive 2-room tent should have a look at the Wenzel Kodiak Tent.

Disclaimer: Please note that Campetent does not own this product. Campetent has striven to provide accurate information for readers, but cannot guarantee that every detail is accurate. Tent campers should double check the info above against product literature.

This tent is not rated for wind. It has a limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. As with all tents, campers should carefully examine the features, materials and workmanship and make sure they are satisfied before purchasing or using the tent.