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Wenzel Pine Ridge Tent

Design and Features

The Wenzel Pine Ridge Tent is a medium-size dome tent. 2 rooms with separate doors are unusual for a tent of this size.

The tent body is 10' wide by 8' deep by 60" high.

The Pine Ridge divides down the center from front to back with a removable, hanging divider curtain.

Two side-by-side Dutch D doors lead each to a separate 5' wide by 8' deep chamber.

The upper panel of each door is a window screen with a roll-down storm flap which tucks into pockets at the bottom of the window.

A single second window on the back wall ventilates both rooms. The mesh window has a roll-down storm flap which zips closed to seal against wind and rain.

The Wenzel Pine Ridge Tent weighs 11 lb.

In Wind And Rain

The low ceiling height of the Pine Ridge will improve the wind profile somewhat, and the Pine Ridge should more easily be able to weather a moderate storm.

The rainfly covers the upper mesh side walls and, with the help of brow poles, provides a hood over the front doors and back window, allowing them to remain partially open in vertical rain.

A bathtub polyethylene tarp floor provides protection from standing water around the base of the tent.

Lap-felled seams between the upper and lower tent body fabric panels keeps rain from catching and pooling in these seams.

Zipper flaps over the door and window zipper tracks prevent rain from leaking through zipper teeth.

The Pine Ridge features polyester tent body and rainfly fabric coated to 600mm HH.

Campetent rates the Pine Ridge Tent for moderate wind and rain.

In Warm And Cool Temperatures

Warm temps 
Mesh ceiling panels at the peak of the tent body allow warm, moist air to escape.

Mesh upper side walls provide a lot of ventilation for warm and hot temperatures.

Cool temps 
The Pine Ridge has a lot of non-closable mesh and is not suitable for cool temperatures.

The tent does not have a low vent, but with the abundant netting in the sidewalls and windows, the tent should ventilate well.

Campetent rates the Pine Ridge Tent for warm and hot temperatures.

With Sleeping Equipment

With 5' feet of ceiling height at the peak of the tent, adults will have to stoop at the center of the tent body and crawl at the walls.

The 80 square feet of floorspace is rated to sleep up to 4 or 5.

2-Room Tent 
Campetent rates the Wenzel Pine Ridge Tent to comfortably sleep 1 adult in each chamber.

Each room will hold a separate twin air mattress or self inflating pad.

1-Room Tent 
If the hanging curtain is removed, Campetent rates the Pine Ridge to comfortably sleep 3 adults on self inflating pads.

The 1-room tent can hold a queen air mattress with some room at the side.

Due to the 5' height and fairly shallow slope of the sides, raised sleeping equipment will need to be placed away from the edge of the walls towards the center of the tent.

Wenzel Pine Ridge Tent Tips

The Pine Ridge is a 2-pole dome tent with clip and sleeve attachments for the tent body.

Post and grommet connectors attach the pole frame to the base of the tent.

Due to the moderate 80 square feet of floorspace, the divider curtain may not be used a lot, as there is not that much space to divide up. 2 tent campers in the same tent are unlikely to need separate rooms.

However, if a couple of tent campers are looking for a medium-size tent that offers personal space for each, then this is one of the few tents which is designed for that purpose.

Side-by-side doors on a moderately-sized tent indicates narrower doors, and campers should keep that in mind when entering the tent or when passing inflated air mattresses through the doors.

The mesh panels and screens are 68 Denier polyester, which is heavy duty, but not no-see-um netting.

The carry bag is 7" by 7" by 27".

Conclusion: Tent campers looking for a moderately-sized tent with separate sleeping spaces should consider the Wenzel Pine Ridge Tent.